Founders’ Week
Exhibition was on display in the Wessel Gallery
March 7 until shut down due to Covid 19
Barbara Chenault, Moon Over Mt. Adams, oil, 8x16, 695
Barbara Trauth, In Memory of Duveneck
Barbara Trauth, River with Mt. Adams
Barbara Trauth, Spirit of Washington Park
Hot day at Smale Park, acrylic, 20x16, 395
Carol Abbott Impressions of the Roebling Bridge, Water based oil, 24x30, 499
Carol Abbott Union Terminal's 75th Aniversary, Acrylic, 11x13, 350
Dave Klocke, GoldenTower,oil, 24x20,$1200
Dave Klocke, TheTaft, pastel, 15x11.5, $650
Dave Klocke The Urban Church, oil, 16x12, $750
Eileen McConkey, Buried Treasures at Spring Grove Cemetery, oil, 16x20, 835
Gilda Horn, Detail from Duveneck Three Heads, oi; on canvas, 16x20, 1250
Gilda Horne, View from Mt Echo, Oil on canvas, 12x24, 995
Gilda Horne, View from Lars Anderson Park, Oil on canvas, 12x24
Jan Boone Point of View, oil, 24x30, 1100
Jan Boone Rain or Shine, oil, 18x24, 859
Jan Boone Morning News, oil, 24x36, 2000
Josie Gearhart, Old St. Mary's, oil, 20x16, 795
Mandy Putnam RIP Woolwerth's. oil. 11x14,
Margaret Mock, Mt.Adams Rooftops, watercolor, 6x10, 200
Rosalyn B. Fuller, Tower High, Oil oncanvas, 17x13.5, 350
Rosalyn B. Fuller, Embrace, Oil on canvas, 21.75x25. 450
Rosalyn B. Fuller, Sundown, Oil on canvas, 25.5x21,475
Tim Boone Mt. Adams "Southern Exposure", Bronze, 14x8x6,, 1850
Yvette La Follette Mazza, Coney Island, oil, 11x14, 850
Yvette La Follette Mazza, Are We Ready, oil, 18x24, 2376
Yvette La Follette Mazza, Number Three, oil, 9x12, 600
Ann Grimaldi, The Observatory, oil, 18x24, 1200
Btuce Neville, Over the Rhine, Watercolor, 19x13, 950
Bruce Petrie, Art, like Dragonflies is in all people, places & times, oil collage, 30x30,2500
Carin Hebenstreit, First German Reformed Church, oil, 24x30, 6000
Carol MacConnell, The Genius of Water, mixed media, 10x12, 250
Carol Shikany, Ault Park Great Lawn and Pavillion, oil on canvas, 18x24, 2000
Cecilia Brendel, Portrait of Frank Duveneck, oil, 10x8, 600
Cecilia Brendel, Portrait of John Rettig, oil, 10x8, 500
Cecilia Brendel, Portrait of Herman Wessel, oil, 10x8,500
Christine Kuhr- Annie-14x18- Encaustic-950
Doris Day-14x18-
Christine Kuhr- Rosemary-14x18- Encaustic-950
Cooki Their, Harrison on his high horse, oil, 8x16, 300
DeVere Burt, The First Toss, Acrylic on panel, 1000
DeVere Burt, The Red Bonnet, oil on birch panel, 14x14,1200
DeVere Burt, River of Dreams, oil on panel, 18x36, 4000
Donna Townsend, Cincinnati was Built in Beer, oil on board, 18x24, 1000
Don Schuster, Below Immaculata, oil on canvas, 16x20,1095
Don Schuster, Ida Street Viaduct- Nocturne, oil on canvas, 1095
Don Schuster, Sunset Over the Basin, oil on canvas, 8x10, 330
Dorothy Burdin, Findley Market, watercolor, 9x12, 295
Dorothy Burdin, View of Mt. Adams, watercolor, 12x16, 495
Dorothy Burdin, Basilica, watercolor, 12x16, 395
Eileen Hulsman, Saturday at Findley Market, Watercolor, 20x27, 1200
Eileen Hulsman, Good Friday and the Steps, Watercolor, 20x27, 900
Eileen McConkey, Ezzard's Eyes. oil 6 x 12, $375
Eileen McConkey, OUR Gazebo, 16 x 8, oil, $400
Gary Eith, Bellevue Brewing Co, acrylic on canvas board, 6x8, 90
Gary Eith, Lafcadio's Wintery Crossing, acrylic on canvas board, 6x8, 90
George Bodine, Pflusd Building,oil, 12x9, 900
George Bodine, Newport Nostalgia, 20x16, oil on linen, 2800
Grant Hesser, The Roebling, oil on canvas,12x16, 850
Grant Hesser, Kentucky Side, oil on canvas,12x16, 850
Grant Hesser, Ohio side, oil on canvas,12x16, 850
Gregory Gibson, Shelter at Eden Park, oil, 550
Hannah Beck, Past and Present, pastel, 14x11, 400
Hannah Beck, Dance of the Fountains, pastel, 11x14, 400
Heidi Hanssen, Cincinnati Color Building, Gouache, 14x11, 650
Jerry Saylor, Majesitc, oil, 18x48, 850
Jerry Saylor, Keep Right, pencil. 18x24, 550
Jerry Saylor, Evening Stroll, oil, 18x24, 450
Jim Effler, Three Graces of the Queen City, oil, 12x16, 1200
Joanne Honschopp, Sunset Refluction,Acrylic, 36x36, 2800
Joe Stewart, Glory in the Morning, oil on linen, 16x12,550
John Smit, Above Over the Rhine. Oil on canvas, 18x24, 1150
Judith Affatato, Deer, Zoological Gardens,1930, oil, 16x19,300
Kay Worz, Fountain Laser Lights, 15x15", Limoges Enamel. $6,000.
Kay Worz, Immaculata Church, Mt. Adams", 16x20", transparent watercolor, $450.
Kay Worz, Vintage Undergound Brewery", 8x10" Limoges Enamel. $600.
Les Miley, Lincoln Park, watercolor, 28x14,875
Margaret Schrimpf, Church at Mt. Adams, 12x 16, oil, $950.
Margaret Schrimpf, The Venerable Art Museum, 8x10 , oil, $650.
Marianna Lutes Briner, Roebling Bridge, oil on canvas, 18x24, 800
Martha Howard, Nature Comes In, 11 by 14, oil on Raymar panel, 125
MaryBeth Karaus, Ode to Bessie, oil on Green Window Shade, 9x11.5, 925
MaryBeth Karaus, "S"pring at Ault Park, oil on canvas, 2100
MB Thompson Dowlin, Beam me Up, Oil, 8x10, 435
MB Thompson Dowlin. View From the Hill, oil, 16x20, 875
Michael Paolercio, Good Friday, oil, 16x20, 500
Michael Paolercio, Rhe genus of Water, mixed, 14x20, 600
Monica Achberger, The Reptile House, Cincinnati Zoo, oil/canvas, 18x24, 2700
Monica Anne Achberger, Blue Lagoon ,oil on canvas, 16x16, 1750
Monica Anne Achberger, Rooftops, Mount. Adams, oil on linen,16x20, 2500
Nancy Achberger, Boone Ferry #7, oil, 11x14, 700
Nancy Achberger, Tusculum Sun, oil, 16x12, 975
Nancy Achberger, Elk Lick Heritage, oil, 12x24, 1500
Nancy Nordloh Neville, Mt Adams Bar and Gril, oil, 8x10, 750
Ned Stern, “The University Club” 20”X16” Acrylic on Canvas, 1100
Ned Stern, “Park Avenue” 16”X12” Acrylic on Canvas, 895
Paul Vollman, Cincinnati Zoo Elephant House, 11 x 14, Acrylic on Canvas, $850
Paul Vollman, Tyler Davidson: Mom, 30 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $3100
Paul Vollman, May 4th, 24 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $2800
Paul Wolven, From the Top, oil on canvas, 11x14, 600
Paul Wolven, Re-vitalized, oil on canvas, 7x5, 240
Paul Wolven, Stalwart, oil, 7x5, 240
Randy Micael David Vuksta, Southern Indiana Julys End, 36x36, Acrylic,2500
Ray Hassard, Nite Lites, pastel, 24x18, 3500
Ray Hassard, Cinci Celebrates, pastel, 16x12, 1750
Ray Hassard, When the Holiday Trains were Downtown, pastel, 16x12, 1750
Rick Koehler, Jewel in the Park, oil, 16x8, 650
Rick Koehler, Commanding View, oil, 16x8, 450
Rick Koehler, Eden Park Sentry, oil, 11x14, 575
Robert Hebenstreit, Washinton Park Gazebo, oil, 11x15, 500
Robert Hebenstreit, Cincinnati Observatory, oil, 16x20, 1200
Robert Wilking, Cincinnati Subway, oil on canvas, 24x36, 800
Roger Heuck, Presidential Building blocks, from the Taft house 14x11,1000
Roger Heuck, Happening Place, Young & Old  28x22, 890
Roger Heuck, Guten Morgen Mt. Adams, oil, 20x16, 1250
Shalmah Prince, From Lytle Park, Pastel & graphite,8x10, 500
Steve Hart, Rust Belt, oil on canvas, 24x36, 1100
Steve Hart, Mt. Adams, oil on canvas, 24x18, 900
Steve Hart, Generators of Irish, oil oncanvas, 24x18, 900
Steven Montag, Three Artists, Acrylic on Canvas. 24x12x2, 425
Susan Friedmann, Mt. Adams, 1800's, oil, 24x24, 600
Susan Friedmann, City Drive, oil, 24x24, 850
Terri Schmitt, View of the Roebling Suspension Bridge, oil, 20x10, 750
Tom Post, Grand Entrance, Roebling, oil, 24x18, 2100
Tom Post, Roebling on a Rainy Day, 20x16, 1800
Tom Post, Mt Adams Sunset. Oil, 20x30, 2400
Tom Tarvin, - John-Rettig in his studio, 18x14, oil-$500
Tom Tarvin, John Rettig, 1st-president, 16x20, oil, $500
Trish Weeks The River Runs Through 36x36 Encaustic $2600
Ned Stern Harmony oil, 18X24, 1850
Thanks to all who entered Founder’s week
Meet the Artists
Jim Effler, Three Graces of the Queen City, oil, 12x16, 1200
Founders’ Week Through the Looking Glass Awards
Heidi Hanssen, Cincinnati Color Building, Gouache, 14x11, 650
Nancy Achberger, Tusculum Sun, oil, 16x12, 975
George Bodine, Newport Nostalgia, 20x16, oil on linen, 2800
Susan Friedmann, Mt. Adams, 1800's, oil, 24x24, 600
Ray Hassard, Nite Lites, pastel, 24x18, 3500
Bruce Petrie, Art, like Dragonflies is in all people, places & times, oil collage, 30x30,2500
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